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Halfaker, Prime

MC&FP Outreach and Digital Enterprise Services

Legacy Military OneSource

Department of Defense, Military Community and Family Policy

Our user-centric approach unified where users can access services

DoD’s MODES program supports the daily operational needs, improves quality of life, and ensures readiness of service members and their families by providing relevant, accessible, and intuitive web-based and mobile-enabled resources architected for scalability and ease of use. To maximize MODES’ value to service members and their families, Halfaker redesigned and architected the legacy Military OneSource (MOS) web portal with a user-centric approach to content writing and reengineered related web applications into a unified web portal where users can easily access the full spectrum of available services. User-focused redesign efforts transformed the MOS into a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, multichannel digital hub that engages, informs, and supports the needs of a diverse user base, enabling targeted content delivery across the military community and increasing military readiness.