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Halfaker, Prime

Cloud Initiative Program

VA Financial Modernization

Department of Veterans Affairs, Financial Services Center, Financial Technology Service

Our forward-thinking approach drove enterprise-wide solutions, resulting in modernization that built upon its own successes.

The VA FSC FTS Cloud Initiative program provides key IT operations, engineering, and technical support for critical financial systems and services for the VA and external customers. FSC FTS proactively undertook a massive modernization initiative, helping FSC meet Cloud First Policy obligations and positioning the organization to scale to meet future business demands. This forward-thinking approach to organizational transformation drove organic, enterprise-wide solutions, resulting in continuous modernization that built upon its own successes while aligning to long-term FTS transformation goals. Key enhancements like backlog processing and the ability to expand insurance entity coverage broadened patient eligibility coverage to other insurance entities for improved Veteran care, and resulted in tangible cost-savings for the VA. In addition, the Agile, DevSecOps-based approach eased change management across the workforce and offered immediate value.