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Design Thinking for Modern Health IT

Health IT Modernization

Client name:
Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service

User interviews, synthesized research, and an elegant, easy-to-follow design allowed us to deliver the insights the IHS needed to move forward with human-centered modernization innovations.

We used a Human-Centered Design approach to uncover technology needs of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) healthcare facilities that will inform future investments in infrastructure and software. Our team conducted interviews and workshops with almost 150 staff members, patients, Subject Matter Experts, and other key players to develop a comprehensive understanding of the IHS facilities’ end-to-end Health IT needs. We contextualized findings for the I/T/U environment to help government and Congress understand needs and challenges, and we created a rubric by which to evaluate bidders. Design artifacts included Service Blueprints and Journey Maps based on typical patient situations, showing the needs of all actors involved in providing healthcare, from providers to admin to outside clinics and hospitals. Based on our findings and team engagement, we outlined use cases to inform requirements for the next generation of Health IT at the IHS.